How Much Is Sapphire Worth

African Sapphire. Apply Selection. Clear Filter. Filter By. More Filters. Price. $ -. $ Carat Weight. cts. -. cts. Color. Select Color. Sapphire can range in price from $10 per carat to $10, per carat. So the average price is $5, Not a very helpful answer? Sell your sapphires for the best possible price, using's unique live-auction system & get the highest offers. Start now! As far as heated / unheated the price difference for a smaller stone like this would not be significant. Probably $ at most. Ct. Per Carat Price: $1, per Ct. Color: Blue. Shape: Oval. Dimensions.

In terms of the non-linear character of sapphire pricing in relation to the larger carat, when the weight of the gemstone hits and then starts to go past the. The pricing varies wildly based on the type of sapphire. I just replaced a stone with a lab sapphire, shallow stone with total diameter similar. For sapphire engravings at affordable prices, prices usually range from $ USD per carat, depending on the quality of the material and whether it has been. Tanzanian Sapphire ; Price. $ · $ ; Carat Weight. cts · cts ; Length (mm). mm · mm. Only some people can afford to wear jewelry with real blue sapphire stones, as a top-quality blue sapphire can cost upto $10, to $50, a carat. But most. Price Guide for Top Gem Quality Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Loose Gemstones - Sapphire Value · Carat · Carat · Carat · Carat · 8+ Carat. $$$—$$$per carat. Blue sapphire can cost anywhere between $ to $ million (& above), depending on the quality & origin (important for high end stones) of. Item#, SUCOV. Weight, cts. Dimensions, X Enhancement: Untreated. Quality Grade: AAAAA. Sale Price $1, GIA Certified Untreated

Stone Details. Item ID: B Total Price: $4, Weight: Ct. Per Carat. 6. Sparkle. A sapphire's worth is also measured by its sparkle. Sapphires that reflect light better and display good brilliance are naturally priced at a higher. Sapphire Facts · The most expensive blue sapphire ever sold is the Blue Bell of Asia. In , it sold for over $17 million. · Some sapphires can feature more. The Rockefeller Sapphire was purchased by John D. Rockefeller from an Indian maharajah (believed to be the Nizam of Hyderabad) in for an undisclosed price. On average, a high-quality star sapphire can range from $50 to $ per carat, while top-quality specimens can fetch prices in excess of $ per carat. Origin. The most valued blue sapphires are velvety blue to violetish blue, in medium to medium-dark tones. Sapphires with these qualities command the highest prices per. What does a 1 carat sapphire cost? A top quality 1 to 2 carat stone can be offered in retail stores at prices between 1, - 2, Dollars per carat. Quality 2. Prices for faceted sapphire start at about $ per carat and rise according to size and color. In gemstones weighing over 1 carat, clean beryllium-treated. Gray Star Sapphire · $ to $1, +/- per carat ; Lavender Star Sapphire · $ to $1, +/- per carat ; ct. Blue Star Sapphire · $1, to $3, +/- per.

Their price is very low and does not exceed $ per carat. It is also important to keep in mind that at the market there are also synthetic sapphires that. How Much Are Sapphires Worth? Depending on the gemstone you choose, sapphire price can cost $25 per carat to more than $11, per carat. Clarity Intensity Treatment Origin Price. Type. Clear filters. Ruby. Sapphire. Emerald. View 1, gemstones. Shape. Clear filters. RoundRound. carats with GIA Report. $8, Make offer. Loading Show more products. 1; 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · Next. Color. Price. Price range. GO. Color. Bluish Green. Gemstone Price Match Guarantee. Compare; Add to Wishlist; Drop A Hint. Gemstone DETAILS. View Certificate. This Blue Sapphire of approximately ct has been.

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